NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a technology that enables a wireless connection between battery-free, passive tags with a reading device such as a smartphone. NFC technology is already being used intensively in areas such as payment transactions, e.g. NFC tags enable contactless payments with credit and debit cards. The collectID NFC tags contain an encrypted URL (web address) and a unique NFC-ID. The collectID NFC tags do not contain any other data.


A blockchain is a data structure that is designed to maintain a digital ledger of transactions. The software that manages a blockchain works by distributing copies of this ledger to every computer running the software, creating a decentralized network of machines that all hold the same exact transaction history. When an entry is added to the ledger on one machine, every other machine participating in the network must update their ledger to match the changes. It can be thought of, more familiarly, as an extra secure database with the added benefits of transparency and decentralization. Blockchain technology ensures that the ecosystem is as secure as technically possible.