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Provenance matters – “There are no great old wines, only great old bottles”

A recent anecdote by Wineterminator highlights the importance of Provenance.

“Bottle variation can be a nightmare unless you are on the winning side. That is what just happened to me. All my bottles for 1982 La Fleur Petrus were ripe, smooth, and pleasing, never above WT93. But a bottle that I just bought a few years ago coming directly from the domaine was completely different last Sunday. Young, dense, powerful, spicy, meaty, but also gorgeous soft melt – WT96. This was true Petrus quality at a La Fleur Petrus price. I want more of this.”

vinID enables you to identify fine wines which have travelled the world and have been exposed to the corresponding negative effects (see first post for more details).

Every bottle has a story to tell - Provenance has two key elements: Authenticity and Transparency.

vinID maximises Transparency by combining blockchain and IoT technology. Each transfer of ownership creates a new entry on the ledger and thus a unique transaction history for each bottle of wine.

History of ownership for a bottle of Granato 1988 from Foradori.

What about Authenticity? Stay tuned for upcoming posts! In the meantime, feel free to contact sebastian@collectid.io to find out more about how to protect your products.

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