• sebastianschier

Let's hope the bottle did not win a world travel award

A wine lover's dream - referring to a recent tasting note by the wineterminator.

"There is something magical about Mouton Rothschild. Of all Premier Grand Crus in Bordeaux this is the most erotic, animating one. Like this superb 1983 Mouton Rothschild from an absolutely perfect bottle, that we shared last night. This was a great, complete, still so young, classic Mouton with those wonderful aromatics of cassis, mint, leather and intense lead pencil minerality. It all starts with this gorgeous nose, that I could smell for hours. Then comes this aromatic pressure on the palate, combined with silky elegance, leading to a terrific finish. This is a great Mouton for drinking now and for at least the next 10+ years - WT97.

Just make sure when you buy that today, that you get it from a very reliable source, best from somebody who bought it en primeur and kept it in a cold cellar since.

The prices for this 1983 are still quite reasonable. But this does not help, when your bottle had 5+ owners and won a world travel award."

vinID combines encrypted smartphone-ready NFC tags with secure, immutable NFTs to guarantee a bottle's authenticity. Each NFT is assigned to its respective owner and stored in the blockchain. Each transfer creates a new entry on the ledger, generating a unique transaction history for each bottle of wine.

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