• sebastianschier

Enable your customers to check authenticity!

Chinese police has recently busted a substantial fake wine operation in Jiangsu province. They confiscated over 8'000 fake Penfolds bottles making it the second substantial success after police uncovered over USD 20 million of fake Penfolds in 2021.

Vino Joy reports that the fake wine manufacturing and selling network was uncovered after one customer reported a suspicious Penfolds Bin 407 bought from an online shop for RMB 699 (USD 110). The customer noted its “poor taste” and the price disparity of the same wine sold through official channels, which retails at least RMB 1'000 per bottle.

Penfolds says that the wine's packaging, logos as well as the craftsmanship are inconsistent with Penfolds' products. Nevertheless, the customer wasn't able to verify the authenticity prior to purchasing the bottle of wine. This highlights the importance to use anti-counterfeiting tags which are verifiable by the customers themselves to avoid any disappointments.

Our solution offers an authentication process, which is as simple as paying contactless with a credit card. Customers simply tap the bottle of wine with their mobile phone to confirm the authenticity and access further information about the product. At production vintners seal each bottle with a vinID NFC tags. The tags are dynamically encrypted, cannot be removed and offer an opening detection to avoid any refilling of empty bottles.

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