• sebastianschier

Château Cheval Blanc 1955 without any doubt about its provenance

I am referring to a recent tasting note by the wineterminator.

This is how the immutable vinID passport of the bottle of Château Cheval Blanc 1955 would look like:

"Will this be the wine of the year? […] I had bought this pristine Vandermeulen bottling in the early 90s directly from a Belgian cellar where it had been lying unmoved since the original purchase. Original cork, perfect fill, dark, nearly ageless colour, so dense with so much power, this wine had it all. Wonderful nose with this incredible, seductive Cheval Blanc perfume, on the palate so complex with generous fullness, well dosed opulence and so silky and elegant, an impressive charmer, this was Cheval Blanc at its very best - WT100. Not as opulent as the legendary 1947, but more balanced at the same unbeatable quality level. This wine made so happy and humble at the same time. Wow!!!

Those Belgian Vandermeulen bottlings with their unspectacular label (they were made until this 1955 vintage) are a guarantee for highest quality and worth any search. But watch out, there are so many fakes around. Only buy such a wine from very reliable sources with a proven provenance."

vinID combines encrypted smartphone-ready NFC tags with secure, immutable NFTs to guarantee a bottle's authenticity. Each NFT is assigned to its respective owner and stored in the blockchain. Each transfer creates a new entry on the ledger, generating a unique transaction history for each bottle of wine.

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