• sebastianschier

A Counterfeiting Puzzle: Sassicaia 2010 - 2015

In October 2020, the Italian police Guardia di Finanza (GdF) uncovered a sophisticated and organised network of wine counterfeiters in the Province of Milan. They seized a total of 80,000 “counterfeit” items as well as 6,600 bottles of “fake” Sassicaia 2015, worth around 2 million euros, which were ready for shipment.

An international counterfeiting puzzle: After a yearlong investigation, it was uncovered that the “wine” itself came for Sicily, the bottles from Turkey and other items (including corks, labels and wrapping paper) from Bulgaria. A warehouse in the Province of Milan was used to assemble the final products and it is believed that the counterfeiters were producing around 700 cases a month!

The full video released by the GdF shows some of the seized items and the original announcement can be found here.

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